Who are we?

The student union at Kungsholmens gymnasium is the largest student union in Stockholm with about 1 000 000 kr in yearly revenue, around 1600 members and 40+ volunteers turning dreams into reality. Our goal is to manage our students interests, everything from advocacy to larger events and education that the school cannot provide.

Want to help out?

We always need new volunteers and new companies to work with. “It is all about ambition” (ex president Elias) and there is always something to help out with. Send an email with your name and a short description of who you are to and we will be in touch.

The Union Card

This is what makes a real Kungsholmare, the magic card providing students with great deals all around Stockholm. Thinner than the MacBook air, better than you think. It can also be loaded with tickets and gym cards. It serves as a proof of membership, and is totally free for all members. Lost yours? Come by the unions room by the dance-hall with a ten-crown coin!

Our mission is to manage the interests of the students while making everyone feel that they belong to the school.

We are a non-political, non-religious, non-profit organization and do whatever the members want it to do. Skin tone, grades, interests, language-skills and political views do not matter. Each and every student is embraced. The organization itself is driven by the students and students only, so no teachers, no principals, no parents.