Who are we?

What is a student union?

A student union is a non-political, non-religious organization and does whatever the members (students) want it to do. It is entirely independent of the school and the principal has about as little influence over it as she/he has over the local football-team. The only criteria to join a student union is that you have to attend the school where it operates. Skin tone, grades, interests, language-skills and political views does not matter. Each and every student is embraced. Interested in learning more about student unions? Check out Sveriges Elevkårers website.


Now our unions mission is to “manage the students of the schools interests”, and one of our goals is to “make every student feel that they belong to the school”. These are just some of our guidelines, and our ambition is to achieve them all.

Who are the decision-makers?

Believe it or not, this organization is driven by the students and students only. No teachers, no principals, no parents. The board (of 7 elected representatives) is the highest ranking governing body of the student union at Kungsholmens gymnasium, except for the annual-meeting and member-meetings. They serve as the administration, managing the budget and core-decisions. Beyond that there is also an operative board (of 7 elected representatives) taking care of the activities coordinated by union. These 14 individuals from different sections of the school then gets help from several comittees. Still, these are not the real decision-makers. The union is like an up-side-down-pyramid where the board is at the bottom and the members at the top. So the ones with power is not the board, it is the members.

How do we get funded?

Our main sources of income is from different subsidies, ticket and product sales, comission sales and sponsorships. The largest subsidy is from Sveriges Elevkårers Centralorganisation, which is our parent-organization. Our annual revenue is about 1 000 000 kr and we spend it on everything from association subsidies to event costs and administration fees. The treasurer is Lovisa Arpi, and if you have any questions you can reach him at lovisa.arpi@kgunion.com


Organization number: 802452-2438
Clearing number: 6128
Account number: 720 442 508