The Student Union committees are the heart and soul behind the scenes. Led by a Head of Committee board member, the committees work to make your extra curricular time as enjoyable as possible. Everything from the Student Unions traditional events like Sthlm Bowl and the graduation to theme weeks, and much more. All is planned, implemented, and marketed by the different committees. Regardless of your interests or aims, there is a committee that fits you!


Without a shadow of a doubt, this is where it all goes down. Delivering the Carneval, Winter Festival, Smiska Fisk (No translation did it justice), Killergame and Kick-Off, the Social Committee is the fun factory of KG. Need to take your mind off of a test? We’ve got you covered. The basic philosophy is “The more, the merrier”, and together we’re going to make this year insane.


The Sports Committee is the committee that exists to meet KG’s students’ sports needs, for example through a football tournament on the schoolyard or the annual American football match! The committee’s main responsibility is the annual alpine trip, compensation for Läroverksfejden and, as mentioned before, the American football match STHLM Bowl. We from the sports committee hope to be able to offer you all the chance to take part in one of the school’s various sports teams. So get ready to bring KG to one win after another!


This committee takes care of the marketing at school. As a member, you take care of photography, filming and editing, graphics, social media, designing websites and posters. The marketing committee requires creativity and a new way of thinking. We market and document the school`s events, and cooperate with the other committees. It is extremely important in order to make sure that everyone knows everything going on at KG. The webmaster also belongs to the marketing committee and makes sure that the board’s websites are updated.


Always striving to make Kungsholmen a more fun place the Project Committee takes in and comes up with new ideas and events! The events we arrange range from informative like the me-too-week, to more relaxed and fun like havinga movie viewing outside! However, the only event that is required to be held by the Project Committee is a larger charity event (TO BE CONTINUED!!), therefore making the committee free to do almost anything that the students at KG desire!


The Influential Committee is for those that often think about how they could make the school environment better, those that have solutions to problems that they want to discuss with the principals or for those who are interested in working with students’ rights and mental health. In this committee, we raise and protect the voices of all members and carry out events aimed at the general student health. Through, for example, surveys, complaint days and Project Mental Health, our goal is to support students’ financial and democratic interests. A committee that simply protects you and your rights!


The Graduation Committee is the committee in charge of planning events for the third-graders! All the events we know and love like the Prom, the count-down parties and the actual Graduation are within this committee’s responsibilities, and it’s perfect for someone who loves to plan events, think creatively, and have loads of fun! The main goal of this committee is to give the graduates the best year of their lives!