The Student Union of Kungsholmens Gymnasium is, always has been and always will be run by the students for the students. As a non-profit organization, our main priority is your comfort during your stay at KG. We are independent from the school leadership and management, but to make the voice of the members heard, we cooperate with the management.

We also organize events, clothing sales and more traditional events such as Smiska Fisk, also known as the “KG Hunger Games” where you fight for your own survival, something you can see as preparation for the värnplikt. None of these event will be politically, ideologically or religiously affiliated, as demanded by our bylaws. Those papers, which nobody bothers to read, also state that the Student Union works for the members’ economical, social, voluntary, lobbying and academic interests.

If you want to influence the Student Union you can either join a committee or attend the Årsmöte and vote for the future of the Union! The Årsmöte is the highest governing body in the Union.