Finally, it’s time for us to present this year’s discounts! With your Student Union Card (the card you received during the introduction days), you now have access to all these fantastic discounts. Below is a complete list of all discounts.

IMPORTANT! To get access to your offers, you must show your card and say that you are from Kungsholmens Gymnasium!

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The best pizza in Stockholm is found at Meno Male, just a couple hundred meters down Hantverkargatan! You won’t break the bank either since you get a lunch pizza for just 100SEK instead of 119SEK!

Read more at http://www.menomale.se/
Boring lunch in school? Spice things up at the Indian buffet right next to the school with a 20% discount!

Read more at https://www.indianlord.se/


Another Indian restaurant close to the school where you can save money by showing your Union Card! More specifically, 10SEK off!

Read more at http://restauranggandhi.se/
Ice cream isn’t the only item available here! All the food options have a 10% discount with the Union Card!

Read more at https://www.gelateriaitaliana.se/
Espresso House doesn’t need an introduction. Save 10% on large drinks at the one by the Fridhemsplan-station closest to school.

Read more at https://espressohouse.com/coffee-shops/fridhemsplan-sto/
Save 10% on everything at this cute little cafe hidden right next to Fridhemsplanskorsningen!


Read more at https://www.pessobageri.se/


”I might not have money for food, or to hang out with my friends, but I always have money for candles…” Save 15% on everything here!

Read more at https://candleroom.se/sv/
Just a short walk across Kronobergsparken you’ll find slightly longer sandwiches than in Emma’s cafe. Save 10% on meals here!

Read more at https://www.subway.com/sv-SE/
Even better burgers than the ones in the matsal but unfortunately without Faris vitlökssås… 10% discount Mon-Fri 11-17!
Read more at https://www.philsburger.se/
The beer still isn’t available to 1st graders but the lunch tastes great without alcohol! Save 15% on the lunch 11-15!

Read more at https://www.olstugan.se/
Did you just realize that it’s your turn to buy mentorsfika, don’t worry UGO espressobar has got you covered with 10% off of all their assortments!
Read more at https://www.caffeugo.se/
Use your 10% off at Fabrique to finally ask your korridorscrush out on a coffee date 😉 Want that intimacy without it being too crowded? Don’t worry! You can take your crush to either Scheelegatan or Drottningholmsvägen!!

Read more at https://fabrique.se/
Want to go out for a meal during your 3-hour lunch? Turn your eyes to Prime Burger and their 10% off of everything deal!

Read more at https://primeburger.se/