Malcolm Alencar

The student union’s president has overall responsibility for everything that happens in the organization. Malcolm is the one who knows the organization best and is up to date on everything that happens. His visionary work has a crucial role in which direction the board should move in, which builds the future of the Student Union and represents it’s work.


PHONENUMBER: 079 336 82 06


Diala Kaya Esen

The vice-president has a supportive role within the board as a whole. Diala’s greatest responsibility is that all elected representatives carry out their work with the best ability and that they feel good. Together with Malcolm she spends a lot of time on representation. She represents, makes visible and creates trust in the corps towards parents, members, school management, companies, the media, other student unions and the umbrella organization Sveriges Elevkårer.


PHONENUMBER: 072-301 70 77

Administrative Manager

Carl-Johan Hörgren

The Student Union’s Administrative Manager is ultimately responsible for administrative work within the board. Carl-Johan helps other board members and facilitates their work by designing agreements, policies and sales schedules. He is also responsible for applying for grants from various organizations to strengthen the Student Union’s finances and then also other sponsorship for individual events.


PHONENUMBER: 070-370 40 82

Secretary General

Henrik Löfqvist

The Secretary General mediates information between the administrative board and the executive board, and works to ensure that both parts work as well as possible together. By helping the committee chairman to set reasonable goals and focus areas in the work, Henrik gets great insight into how the work works today.


PHONENUMBER: 070-524 54 01


Manewa Kouam

The Student Union’s treasurer handles and is responsible for the organization’s finances. Manewa has control over all the union’s financial resources, has regular contact with the union’s bank. She contributes with an economic perspective and impacts analytical thinking about how organizational changes affect the student unions financial situation.

PHONENUMBER: 076-797 73 39

Head of Associations

Pelle Avemo

Pelle stays up to date with the association’s activities as he is the representative within The Student Union Board. To strengthen the associations’ position in the school he conducts continuous work to increase their influence and function. Pelle also encourages and arrange events with a focus on the associations. The association fair and the associations’ participation in Open houses are occasions he supports and coordinates to show their fantastic business. If you want to start an association, Pelle is the one you should turn to!


PHONENUMBER: 070-836 63 65


Jakob Hildingsson

One of the Student Union’s most important goals is to strive for an increase in transparency and the one who enables this is the secretary. Jakob has the responsibility of ensuring that the discussions and decisions taken at board meetings and committee meetings are saved and published to the members. The protocols are compiled then so that all members can see it (open folder). He also ensures that documentation in specific cases reaches important parties, such as auditors.


PHONENUMBER: 072-252 35 39

Executive Manager

Lisa Geijer

The Executive Manager is a vital function and Lisa is the one who gets the student union’s wheels to spin. She leads the executive board and helps the head of committees to coordinate and structure their function. If there are problems or there is a gap in one of the committees, Lisa helps them to make the right efforts. She is also responsible for the recruitment of faddrar for our mentorship programme. 


PHONENUMBER: 073-679 97 76

Head of the Influential Committee

Hannes Selimovic

The Influential Committee’s work in the Student Union is based on the organization’s members receiving a megaphone that can create change. Hannes is responsible to coordinate and delegate the efforts within the committee that must be made to capture the members’ opinions regarding the school and make them heard. He is also the contact person if students have aspects they want to change or raise awareness about. 


PHONENUMBER: 073-578 33 16

Head of the Social Committee

Sofia Erséus

The Social Committee oversees and organizes the union’s social activities for the students. It mainly consists of open and outward-looking events, and Sofia is both responsible for recurring traditions such as the carnival but also focuses on creating new ones through good contact with members. Social activities is the KG-spirit that is experienced most strongly for many members, and therefore it is important for Sofia and her committee to have an open mind of what the members want and are willing to participate in.


PHONENUMBER: 073-879 30 63

Head of the Graduation Committee

Ella Tegnér


The Graduation Committee makes it possible for the graduating class to decide on their graduation. Ella oversees and organizes and ensures that the graduation flows as smoothly as possible. She is not afraid to think outside the box and dare to take new initiatives. The graduation-cruise and the countdown parties are events that make the graduates remember their last year before graduating! 


PHONENUMBER: 073-324 29 49

Head of the Sports Committee

Emma Fölstad

The Sports Committee shall organize and lead the Student Union sports-related activities. Together with her committee, Emma has full responsibility for the sport activities arranged outside of the school and with other schools. However, they must not overshadow other activities. The committee is also responsible for creating new tournaments and sporting events that members appreciate to lift the KG-spirit!


PHONENUMBER: 072-215 55 22

Head of the Project Committee

Elsa Forslid

The Project Committee shall guide the members to realize their ideas and always work to capture topics  which are not addressed by the activities of other committees or associations. Elsa supervises her committee and is the face of everyone that dares to turn to with a bold idea on cool business. To lift the KG-spirit, she and the committee decorate the school whenever they have the chance!


PHONENUMBER: 076-632 25 64

Head of the Marketing Committee

Alexander Cremer

The Marketing Committee is responsible for ensuring that the student union activities are visible and reach out to the members. It is on Alex and his committee to produce marketing and capture the events in the form of posts, films and photograph events to market the student unions events both online and in school. He is also the closest contact person to the webmaster who is included in the committee and is held responsible for 


PHONENUMBER: 072-444 58 59