Styrelsen utlyser medlemsmöte ang LvF

Posted on January 14th, 2019

Styrelsen har upplevt missnöje angående Läroverksfejdens arrangemang på senare tid där vi känner att det är bristfällig planering och utförande. Som resultat av detta har efterfrågan på Läroverksfejden som event minskat under åren. Vi värderar våra medlemmars röst och vill därmed höra era åsikter och synpunkter på ett kårmöte! På kårmötet kommer vi bestämma om vi ska vara med i Läroverksfejden 2019, samt komma fram till konstruktiv kritik som sedan framförs till LvF-styrelsen. Var med och påverka!

Mötet hålls Torsdagen 17 Januari 16.20 på Kungsholmens Gymnasium.

PS: Om du ej kan medverka kan du skicka dina tankar till så kommer vi ta upp dina åsikter på mötet.

Elevkåren tar emot pris för “Årets Samhällsinsats”

Posted on January 13th, 2019

I Januari på en gala i Stockholm tog Elevkåren emot priset för “Årets Samhällsinsats” 2018. Vi är extremt ärade att få ta emot priset för årets samhällsinsats. Detta pris delar vi tillsammans med alla föreningar och elever på skolan som brinner för att göra vår skola till en bättre plats.

Under det senaste året har Elevkåren jobbat mycket med ämnen gällande psykisk ohälsa, både genom PHM tillsammans med Södra Latin och genom projektet Hybris med @pillerpodden . Vi har även arbetat med metoo både genom många samtal med skolledningen och Metoo-veckan tillsammans med Femmetopia. Vi fortsätter detta påverkansarbete genom att arrangera KG for Refugees där vi sist samlade in 250 000 kr, en siffra som vi siktar på att slå i år. Vi vill understryka att det enorma påverkansarbetet som bedrivits på skolan har till stor del också varit tack vare våra fantastiska föreningar. Vi vill därför dela detta pris med framförallt KG pride och Femmetopia som varit aktiva i detta ämne under året. Under året har dessa föreningar fått hit föreläsare och anordnat temaveckor som blivit succéer. För oss är detta pris verkligen till oss som skola, en skola där vi står upp för allas lika värde. Därför vill vi passa på att tacka alla som nominerat oss och även alla föreningar som ser till att vi får en bättre och mer inkluderande skolmiljö. /Styrelsen

Kvartalsredovisning- September-November 2018

Posted on December 26th, 2018

Kvartalsredovisning – Juni-Augusti 2018

Posted on September 27th, 2018

Kvartalsredovisning 2

Kvartalsredovisning – Mars-Maj 2018

Posted on June 21st, 2018

Kvartalsredovisning 1

The Board 2018-2019

Posted on March 16th, 2018

David Bladström – Ordförande

Lina Fränden – Vice Ordförande

Lovisa Arpi – Skattmästare

Katie Harvey – Sekreterare

May Pula – Generalsekreterare

Setareh Pakina – Föreningsansvarig

Katarina Qui – Lobbyingansvarig

Tilda Barkselius- Operativ Chef

Clara Stjernholm Vladic – Event Ordförande

Linda Stefansson – Sociala Ordförande

Sara Enegren- Påverkans Ordförande

Daniel Perski- PR Ordförande

Lana Mustafa- Service Ordförande

Sylvia Abdel Nour- Projekt Ordförande

Union Letter – February and March

Posted on March 15th, 2018

The time has come for the last union letter from the board of 17/18. The Annual meeting is about to occur and it will be the end of us but the beginning of a few others. But before it gets too sad, we’re going to account for what has happened lately and we start with February. February started strong with Catch the Points and wow how fun we had when we looked at all the participants’ videos. The winner will be announced at the annual meeting and one happy member will get 5000 kr to travel wherever they want. One of the assignments for CTP was to come on Tuesday’s motionsskrivning and to write a proposal for the annual meeting. How many fun propositions we’ve got, read the “årsmöteshandlingarna” to learn more about them. A week later, it was fettisdagen, and that means it is time to eat some semlor! To the event På Spår(et) we gave away some and it was very much appreciated by many members and while munching on such a delicacy some members of the group stayed to socialize. Then everyone had a much-needed sportsbreak to be able to come back excited and ready for the annual meeting you’ve all been waiting for. It started directly with a roast of candidates where they had to show what they are going for and why the members should vote for them. The Årsmöteshandlingarna was then published where all information about the annual meeting is available. The last event of this board was dressup day which took place yesterday. And here we are. The first day of the Årsmöte is done and the board of 17/18 has officially resigned. It’s been a fantastic experience and we would like to thank the entire student body for an amazing year because without you this wouldn’t have been possible.

Union Letter – December and January

Posted on February 1st, 2018

Hello dear members! January is now over and the school work is starting anew and aren’t we all just sooo excited 😉 Here comes a little compilation of what has happened since December in the Student Union. December was kicked-started with a KG Unplugged session for everyone who needed a boost for the national tests in math. Then we continued with some holiday events by the project committee where we could both find socks filled with candy and those early birds amongst us could also see julkalendern and drink hot chocolate in the morning. Headmaster Hearing took place and we got to know our new headmasters even better. Then the Friday we’ve all waited for came and we got to see our American footballers and cheerleaders perform. We were then all inspired to make a small donation to the Musikhjälpen when the social committee, together with the Association Synergy, held vinterfestivalen, where all revenue went directly to Musikhjälpen. Together we donated 5500 kr. Then the first semester of the school year was over and we all got to go to a well-deserved Christmas break. Now it’s January and it means that means we’re halfway to summer vacation and we can start seeing life a little bit brighter. To help you get started after the holidays, the student union has had some events. During both week 3 and 4, lobbying committee organized, in collaboration with Kzine, Södra Latins school paper Latin lover and Södras Democratic Committee, project mental health that drew attention to both mental health and illness. There was also a magazine produced regarding this which can be found in the library. Tuesday 30th there was a Student Union seminar where anyone interested in applying for the next board could come and get a little presentation about the board and could also ask questions to the elected representatives.

Union Letter – October and November

Posted on December 1st, 2017

October means to some the end of the warmth and the light and the beginning of the fall. To help with the motivation when the darkness fell, the first KG Unplugged of the year was held, where you could get some guidance on anything from those equations you struggled with to that french essay. For those of you who wanted to dream away to sun and summer or maybe longed for Christmas, it was a dress-up day with the theme holidays and the winner received a gift certificate on every KG students regular coffeeshop: Morellis! For those of you who didn’t win on dress-up day, there was a new opportunity just a few weeks after when Halloweek was organised at the school. Then KG was invaded by vampires and ghosts and one or two zombies. During the week, there was a treasure hunt, a bake-off, horror movie screening and, above all, the great Halloween party with VRG Odenplan, Södra Latin and Marina Läroverket. After the intense week, everyone went on a well-deserved break, but when you came back, the last half of the semester started off with killergame. There was running through the hallways, teachers sighed, victims complained, and killers only got more points. For the third years, the first reminder of their upcoming student was here, namely Mössprovningen. Some bought hats that week while others picked up their school merchandise and the new kg hoodie is common now, if it’s just because it’s super-cozy or if it’s because you want to represent the best school is hard to know. As a result of these eventful weeks, pepprallyt was held before the American Football Match and we can all agree on what school has the best teams, the best cheerleaders and above all, the best audience!

Union Letter – September

Posted on October 9th, 2017

For the first years, September was intense. They started off with one of the school’s oldest events: smiska fisk! Dressed up in garbage bags and with equal amount of grossness and enthusiasm they got to experience the true KG spirit. Grossed out but happy they went home to prepare for the inspark the following day. That’s when all of KG went to outer space and danced all night long below the starry (and sometimes rainy) night sky.

Pug hug, The Board