FlowPanel is a browser extension made by KG-student Michael Yu (@michael_whyyou). It shows your personal schedule, the matsedel and also has a built-in break timer. All of this quickly accessible in the corner of your browser at all times!



Enter Extensions in Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, go to the top right , click More (the three dots)> More tools > Extensions. (or in Swedish: Tre prickarna i övre högra hörnet > Fler verktyg > Tillägg)

Enable ”Developer Mode” (or ”Programmerarläge” in Swedish) in the top right corner. 

Drag and drop

Drag and drop the KGFlowPanel.zip onto the page!


image (1)

Pin the extension

Skärmavbild 2022-01-24 kl. 22.55.09


You now have the extension! Access it by clicking the Student Union logo in the upper right corner of Google Chrome.



How does FlowPanel show my schedule?

FlowPanel is a pop-up browser tab. Using the FlowPanel extension is the same as using Google Chrome! 

You can see your schedule on FlowPanel because you are logged in automatically to Schemavisaren when connected to the school’s wifi network!

However, this also means that whenever you are outside of school, you will have to log in.


Is my data stored?

No data is stored. FlowPanel has been strictly coded to not transfer and process personal data. 



If you have any questions contact Michael Yu

E-mail: michael.jiacheng.yu@elevmail.stockholm.se

 Instagram: @michael_whyyou