A KG-made browser extension that lets you see your schedule, lunch menu, and other useful features, at the click of a button!

Developed for the convenience of KG-students by KG-student Michael Yu (@michael_whyyou).


Here’s how you set it up

Now pin the extension for faster access

Skärmavbild 2022-01-24 kl. 22.55.09

All done!

You now have the extension! Access it by clicking the FlowPanel logo in the upper right corner of your browser.


How does FlowPanel show my schedule?

FlowPanel is simply a pop-up browser tab. Using the FlowPanel extension is the same as if you were to open your schedule on a browser tab! 

While you’re connected to the Stockholm Stads wifi network, you can access your schedule without having to log in, thanks to an integration between the city’s network and Skolplattformen.

But don’t worry, if you’re outside of the school and need to check your schedule, you will simply be prompted to log in.

Does FlowPanel collect my data?

No data is collected. FlowPanel has been strictly coded to not transfer or process any user data. 


If you have any questions, contact Michael Yu

E-mail: michaelwhyyou@gmail.com

Instagram: @michael_whyyou