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Fallen behind with your homework lately? Is the KG workload culture a radically new thing for you? Maybe you have a big test coming up, or maybe, you just want to sharpen your math or language skills. Regardless, come to this year’s first KG Unplugged on Tuesday at 14:30 in 5417! KG Unplugged is an on-going project by the influential committee where older students, aka tutors, help the youngsters of KG. Our brilliant tutors are here to help, with the expertise they’ve acquired during their time at KG. They know your homework, your teachers, your workload & your tests. So come! //The Influential Committee PS. There will be fika!

2 days ago


Skolvaldagen (och valdagen för vissa) närmar sig med stormsteg och snart är det dags att ta ett beslut! Därför bjuder Projektutskottet alla som är intresserade att vidare diskutera och analysera den nuvarande politiska situationen och hur den kan komma att förändras efter valet på valworkshop! Aktuella frågor om exempelvis klimat och utbildning har förberetts som grunden för diskussionerna, för att vi ska kunna komma fram till potentiella lösningar och bilda åsikter! Här kommer även faktablad med lite info om dagens situationer och partiernas åsikter. Hoppas att vi ses i rum 4417 kl. 16.30!

1 week ago

Am I Right_ 2018

First years! One week ago, you received a goodie bag containing a brochure called “Am I Right?”, amongst other great stuff. Some of you may have read it and saved it in a safe space, and some of you may have missed it or lost it. Either way, we would like to inform you that the brochure is now available in the Open Folder! Learn about your rights as a student and what you should do if you feel like you’ve been treated unjustly. The Influential Committee PS. This one’s for you too, second and third years!

3 weeks ago

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Do you remember your first days at KG? Surely it was exciting to start a new school and everything that comes with it, but maybe you were a little nervous too. Most likely, you had a lot of questions, like where a certain classroom was or what you could do to make the most out of your study sessions. Ready to answer your questions and in other ways help you through your first year were your “faddrar”! After the summer break there will be a new pack of scared lammkött at KG and YOU have the chance to be their safe spot. You are welcome to apply to be a “fadder” whether you are a soon-to-be second or third year. Just write your name, your class and why you want to become a “fadder” in the form below! Pug hug<3

1 month ago

Kvartalsredovisning 1.pdf

Hur investeras elevkårens pengar? Under året kommer vi att publicera kvartalsredovisningen för varje kvartal. Här kommer den första, enjoy! Pug hug, Styrelsen

2 months ago